Jiří Ingr - Breeding falcons for hunting

About us

We breed falcons since 2006 when we bred our first Peregrine Falcons.

Our falcons breeding facility is constantly developed and weuse new experiences with breeding techniques.

In our breeding program we combine a bred by natural pairs and a voluntary insemination with an artificial insemination.

Our breeding couples (natural pairs) are placed in breeding chambers.

Some of our young falcons are kept individually, this method enables an onset of the imprinting process.

Eggs are parent-incubated or artificially incubated in an automatic incubator.

The artificially incubated method enables us to harvest the eggs and to get more eggs from breeding pairs.

Parent-reared falcons are kept with their parents or we could hand-reared them, it depends on customers.

Our breeding facility complies with all veterinary rulles and laws of the European Union.

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